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Web Informatica began operations in May 1997 and was formally established in February 1998.

The company has been a local Pioneer in e-commerce, e-learning platforms, and corporate app development, having worked for companies such as HBO, TheGrint, VivaPlay and Locatel. Additionally, Web Informática has strong commercial alliances with independent and complementary agencies in Panama; Dallas, Tx, and San Francisco, CA

Also, we have worked closely with digital entrepreneurs in their bulding from scratch process, helping out in Project envisioning, scope definition, talent on-boarding, and, of course, web design and development.

Other companies and initiatives founded by Web Informática include:

Alertux, citizen alert system, with more than 400 thousand people using it in seven cities in Latin America.

MarketBeat, sensory marketing company at points of sale, with operations in all Central American. countries, except Belize.

ArgosHub, Online publication dedicated to training Latin companies in digital marketing, cybersecurity, and distance education.

Lextus / MiraTask S.A. / MiraTask LLC., Technology company to promote and connect lawyers with people and companies seeking to solve legal problems., Publication dedicated to connecting Salvadorans abroad with information, products and services in El Salvador.

CapaUno, is a consulting company specialized in technological entrepreneurship with more than twenty years of experience.

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+15 “Arroba de Oro”

“Pioneros de la prosperidad Centroamerica 2010” Award

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